Akbar-Birbal all wonderful and funny stories in English 151

Akbar-Birbal all wonderful and funny stories in English

Akbar Birbal stories English
Akbar-Birbal stories English


आप यहां अकबर-बीरबल की कहानियां हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हैं।

Akbar’s brother-in-law always wanted to take Birbal’s place. Akbar knew that there is no one intelligent enough in this world to replace Birbal. Still, he could not say a straight ‘no’ to Joru’s brother. By doing this, he did not want to earn the indifference of his beloved Begum. That’s why he gave a sack full of coal to his brother-in-law and said – go and sell it to the most cunning and greedy Seth of our state – Seth Damdilal, if you do this work, I will make you Vizier in place of Birbal.

Sala was surprised to hear this strange condition of Akbar. He left with the sack of coal. But he knew that that Seth would not come in anyone’s talk and on top of that he would slander him. Same thing happened, Seth Damdilal refused to give even a lump instead of a sack of coal.

Sala returned to the palace with his mouth open and accepted his defeat.

Now Akbar asked Birbal to do the same thing.

Birbal thought for a while and then said that this sack of coal to a cunning and greedy Seth like Seth Damdilal, will I sell only a piece of coal for ten thousand rupees. Saying this, he immediately left from there.

First of all he went to a tailor and got a velveteen kurta stitched. Diamond-pearl garlands were put around the neck. Wore expensive shoes and grinded the coal like fine antimony.

Then he filled the ground coal in a small shiny antimony box. After this, Birbal changed his disguise and stopped at a guest house and advertised that a great sheikh had come from Baghdad. Those who sell charismatic antimony. By putting which in the eyes the dead ancestors are seen and if they have buried any money somewhere then they tell its address. This thing spread like a fire in the city.

Seth Damdilal also came to know about this. He thought that his ancestors must have buried the money somewhere. He immediately contacted Sheikh turned Birbal and offered to buy the antimony box. Sheikh asked for Rs 20,000 for Dibbi and the matter was settled for Rs 10,000 while negotiating.

But Seth was also smart, he said that I will immediately apply this antimony and if I do not see my ancestors, I will take back the money.

Birbal said, “Of course you can do that, let’s go to the city square and check it out there.”

A crowd gathered to see the miracle of antimony.

Then Birbal said in a loud voice, “These Seths will now apply this miraculous antimony and if they are the children of those whom they consider as their parents, they will see their forefathers and tell them about the buried wealth. But if one of your parents has done dishonesty and you are not their real child then you will not see anything.

And as soon as he said this, Birbal put antimony in Seth’s eyes.

What was it then, scratching his head, Seth opened his eyes. Now there was nothing to see, but even if Seth does, what can he do?

To save his honour, Seth handed over ten thousand to Birbal. And went ahead with puffed up mouth.

Birbal immediately reached Akbar and narrated the whole story while handing over the money.

Akbar’s brother-in-law returned to his home without saying anything. And Akbar-Birbal started smiling slowly after seeing each other. After this episode, Akbar’s brother-in-law never again asked for Birbal’s place.


Now the time has come: The story of Akbar-Birbal
Ab to Aan Padi Hai: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar had a habit of joking. One day he said to the Seths of the city-

“From today you guys will have to guard.”

Seth got scared after hearing this and went to Birbal and kept his complaint.

Birbal gave him courage,

“All of you, wrapping your turbans around your feet and pajamas around your heads, shout in the city at night, saying, ‘Now it has come’.”

On the other hand, the king also went out to patrol the city in disguise. The king first laughed after seeing this unique farce of the Seths, then said – “What is all this?”

The head of the Seths said-

“Jahanpanah, we Seths have learned the work of selling jaggery and oil since birth, what would the watchmen be able to do, if they knew only this much, then why would people call us tradesmen?”

Emperor Akbar understood Birbal’s trick and took back his order.


Which Way Leads to Agra: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Akbar-Birbal Story

Akbar was quite fond of hunting. They somehow managed to find time for hunting. Later he was also called the very best horse rider and hunter of his time. Once King Akbar went out for hunting, galloping on his horse, he was not noticed and the rest of the army left behind except a few soldiers. Evening had come, everyone was hungry and thirsty, and understood that they had lost their way. The king could not understand which way he should go.

After travelling a little distance, they saw a three-way road. The king was very happy, now somehow he will reach his capital. But then which way to go. The king was perplexed. They were all thinking but could not think of any trick. Then he saw a boy standing on the side of the road staring at him. When the soldiers saw this, caught him and presented him before the king. The king asked in a thunderous voice, “O boy, which road leads to Agra”? The boy smiled and said, “Sir, if this road cannot run, then how will it go to Agra”. Maharaj, you will have to go and saying this he laughed out loud.
All the soldiers stood silent, they were aware of the king’s anger. The boy again said, “Sir, people walk, not the road.”
Hearing this, this time the king smiled and said, “No, you are right. Akbar asked, “What is your name.
my name is mahesh

Das hai maharaj”, replied the boy, and who are you?

Akbar took out his ring and gave it to Mahesh Das saying, “You are talking to Maharaja Akbar – Emperor of Hindustan”, I like fearless people. You come to my court and show me this ring. I will recognise you by seeing this ring. Now you tell me which way should I walk so that I can reach Agra.
Mahesh Das bowed his head and showed the way to Agra and kept looking at the Emperor of India while leaving.
This is how Akbar met the future Birbal.


One man three qualities: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Aadami Ek Khoobiyan Teen : Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Akbar and Birbal were sitting in the garden. Suddenly Akbar asked Birbal that can you find someone who has the ability to speak different dialects?

Birbal said, why not, I know a man who speaks the language of a parrot, speaks the language of a lion, and also speaks the language of a donkey. Akbar was surprised to hear this. He asked Birbal to present the man the next day.

Birbal took the man to the court the next morning. And gave him a small bottle of yellow wine. Now in a state of mild intoxication, drunken Akbar was standing in front of the emperor. He knew that knowing that he had come drunk, the king would punish him. That’s why he started pleading. And started pleasing the king. Then Birbal said that Huzoor, what he is speaking out of fear of punishment is the language of a parrot.

After that, Birbal gave another bottle of wine to the man right there. Now the man was completely drunk. He stood with his chest stretched out in front of Emperor Akbar. He said that you are the king of the city so what happened. I am also the king of my house. I am not afraid of anyone here.

Birbal said that Huzoor, now he is speaking fearlessly in the intoxication of alcohol, this is the language of a lion.

Now again Birbal took the man’s mouth and removed another bottle from his throat. This time the man staggered and fell down on the ground and while waving his hands and feet in the air, he started making hoarse sounds. Now Birbal said that what he is speaking now is the language of a donkey.

Akbar was once again pleased with Birbal’s witty reply, and rewarded Birbal for setting this amusing example.


God only does good: Akbar-Birbal story
Ishwar Achha Hi Karta Hai: Akbar-Birbal Story

Birbal was an honest and religious person. He used to worship God everyday without any naga. This gave him moral and mental strength. He often used to say that “Whatever God does is for the good of man, sometimes we feel that God does not favor us, but it is not so. Sometimes even his boon People misunderstand it as a curse. He gives us a little pain so that we can avoid the big pain.

A courtier did not like such words of Birbal. One day the same courtier addressed Birbal in the court and said, “Look what God has done to me. Last evening when I was cutting fodder for the animals, suddenly my little finger got cut. Will you still say that God has done this good for me?

After remaining silent for some time, Birbal said, “I still have the same belief because whatever God does, it is for the good of man.”

The courtier got angry after hearing that my finger was cut off and Birbal saw goodness in this too. My pain is like nothing. Some other courtiers also joined his voice.

That’s why, intervening in the middle, Emperor Akbar said, “Birbal, we also have faith in Allah, but do not agree with you here.” There does not appear to be anything in the case of this courtier for which he may be commended.

Birbal said with a smile, “Okay Jahanpanah, only time will tell.”

Three months had passed. The courtier, whose finger was cut off, was out hunting in the dense forest. While chasing a deer, he lost his way and fell into the hands of the tribals. The tribals believed in human sacrifice to please their deity. So they caught that courtier and took him to the temple to offer sacrifice. But when the priest inspected his body, he found one finger missing.

“No, this man cannot be sacrificed.” The priest of the temple said, “If this man with nine fingers is sacrificed, our gods will become angry instead of being pleased, they do not like incomplete sacrifices. We may have to face outbreaks of epidemics, floods or droughts. So it will be better to leave it.

And that courtier was freed.

The next day that courtier came to Birbal in the court and started crying.

Only then the king also reached the court and was surprised to see that courtier crying in front of Birbal.

“What happened to you, why are you crying?” Akbar asked.

In response, that courtier told his incident in detail. He said, “Now I am convinced that whatever God does, it is for the good of man. Had my finger not been cut, the tribals would have definitely sacrificed me. That’s why I am crying, but these tears are of happiness. I am happy because I am alive. It was my mistake to see Birbal’s faith in God with suspicion.

Akbar smiled softly and looked at the courtiers, who stood silently with bowed heads. Akbar was feeling proud that a wise man like Birbal was one of his courtiers.


Camel’s Neck: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Oont’s Garden: Akbar-Birbal Story

Akbar was highly impressed with Birbal’s wittiness. One day, being happy in the court, he invited Birbal

announced some awards. But even after passing many days, Birbal did not receive the award. Birbal was very confused as to how to remind Maharaj?

One day Maharaja Akbar went out for an evening walk on the banks of the Yamuna river. Birbal was with them. Akbar saw a camel roaming there. Akbar asked Birbal, “Tell Birbal, why is the camel’s neck bent”?

Birbal thought this was the right time to remind Maharaj of his promise. He replied – “Maharaj, this camel has forgotten to make a promise to someone, due to which the camel’s neck is bent. Maharaj, it is said that whoever forgets his promise, God bends his neck like a camel. This is a Kind of a punishment.”

Only then does Akbar realize that he has also forgotten his promise to Birbal. He asked Birbal to walk to the palace quickly. And as soon as he reached the palace, he first handed over the prize money to Birbal and said, Birbal, my neck will not bend like a camel. And after saying this, Akbar could not stop laughing.

And thus Birbal by his cleverness received his reward from the king without asking for it.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kal Aaj Aur Kal: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Emperor Akbar announced that whoever answers my questions correctly will be rewarded heavily. The questions were like this-

What is it that is today and will be tomorrow also?
What is it that is not there even today and will not be there tomorrow?
What is it that is today but will not be tomorrow?

Examples of all these three questions were also to be given.

No one could figure out the answer to these three clever questions. Then Birbal said, “Huzoor! I can answer your questions, but for that you will have to take a city tour with me. Only then your questions will be solved properly.

Akbar and Birbal disguised themselves and left wearing the robes of Sufis. After some time they were standing in the market. Then both entered a shop. Birbal said to the shopkeeper, “We have to build a madrasa for the education of children, you give us thousand rupees for this.” When the shopkeeper asked his accountant to give him one thousand rupees, Birbal said, If I am taking money, I will hit your head with a shoe. There will be a shoe behind every rupee. Say, are you ready?

On hearing this, the servant of the shopkeeper got angry and went ahead to shake hands with Birbal. But the shopkeeper pacified the servant and said, “I am ready, but I have one condition.” I have to assure that my money will be spent on this noble cause.

Saying this, the shopkeeper bowed his head and asked Birbal to start hitting the shoe. Then Birbal and Akbar came out of the shop without saying anything.

Both were walking silently when Birbal broke the silence, “Bandaparvar! Whatever happened in the shop means that the shopkeeper has money today and also the intention to spend that money in good deeds, which will give him name in the coming tomorrow. It also means that he will secure his place in heaven by his good deeds. You can also say that whatever he has today, he will have tomorrow also. This is the answer to your first question.

Then they reached a beggar while walking. He saw that a man was giving him some food and that food item was more than what the beggar needed. Then Birbal said to that beggar, “We are hungry, give us something to eat.”

Hearing this, the beggar started crying, “Run away from here.” Don’t know from where do they come to beg.

Then Birbal said to the king, “Here is the answer to your second question, sir.” This beggar does not know how to please God. It means that whatever it has today, it will not be there tomorrow.

Both went ahead again. He saw an ascetic doing penance under a tree. Birbal went near and placed some money in front of him. Then that ascetic said, “Remove him from here.” To me it is ill-gotten money. I do not want such money.

Now Birbal said, “Huzoor! It means that it is not now but it may happen later. Today this ascetic is denying all pleasures. But tomorrow all these pleasures will be with him.

“And Huzoor! The fourth example is yourself. You had done auspicious deeds in the previous birth that you are spending this life with pride, there is no shortage of anything. If you continue to rule with honesty and justice like this, then there is no reason why you should not have all this tomorrow. But don’t forget that if you lose your way, nothing will stay with you.

Emperor Akbar was overjoyed to hear the intelligent and clever answers to his questions.


The Poet and the Rich Man: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kavi Aur Dhanwan Aadami: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day a poet went to meet a rich man and recited many beautiful poems to him with the hope that perhaps the rich man would be pleased and give some reward. But that rich man was also very miserly, said, “Hearing your poems made my heart happy. You come again tomorrow, I will make you happy.

‘Tomorrow maybe there will be a good reward.’ Thinking like this, the poet reached home and fell asleep. The next day he again reached the mansion of that rich man. The rich man said, “Listen, poet sir, just as you made me happy by reciting your poems, in the same way I am also happy to call you. You didn’t give me anything yesterday, so I am also not giving anything, the account is settled.

The poet became very disappointed. He himself narrated his past to a friend and that friend told Birbal. Hearing this, Birbal said, “Now do as I say. You befriend that rich man and invite him to your home for dinner. yes, don’t even invite your poet friend

Forget. Well I will be present there.

After a few days, according to Birbal’s plan, the program of dinner was fixed at the poet’s friend’s house in the afternoon. That rich man also reached at the appointed time. At that time Birbal, the poet and some other friends were busy in conversation. Time was passing but there was no sign of food or drink. They were busy in conversation like before. The rich man’s restlessness was increasing, when he could not help it, he said, “When is the time for food?” Haven’t we come here to eat?”

“Food, what kind of food?” Birbal asked.

The rich man got angry now, “What do you mean? Haven’t you invited me here for dinner?”

There was no invitation to dinner. It was asked to come for dinner to make you happy. Birbal replied. The rich man’s mercury climbed to the seventh sky, said in an angry voice, “What is all this? Is it okay to insult a respectable person like this? You cheated on me.”

Now Birbal laughingly said, “If I say that there is nothing wrong in this…. You cheated this poet by telling him not to come tomorrow, so I did something similar. That’s how people like you should be treated.”

The rich man now realized his mistake and gave a good reward to the poet and left from there.

Everyone present there started looking at Birbal with admiring eyes.


How Many Mothers: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kitni Matayen: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Akbar-Birbal were going for a walk as usual. Seeing a Tulsi plant on the way, Minister Birbal bowed down and bowed down.

Akbar asked – who is this?

Birbal – This is my mother.

Akbar uprooted the Tulsi tree and threw it away and said – How many mothers do you people have?

Birbal thought of a trick to answer him. Ahead was found a nettle tree. Birbal bowed down to him and said – Hail my father.

Akbar got angry and started uprooting the tree with both hands. Meanwhile, Akbar started getting severe itching, then Akbar said – Birbal, what has happened?

Birbal said – You killed my mother, so he got angry.

Wherever Akbar touched, itching started and said that Birbal should tell a solution soon.

Birbal said – There is a solution, but she is also our mother and we will have to request her only.

Akbar said – hurry up.

A cow was standing ahead. Birbal said – Request the cow that O mother, give me medicine.

Cow dung and applying it on Akbar’s body gave instant relief from itching.

Akbar said – Birbal, now will we go to the palace like this?

Birbal said – No king, we have another mother. The Ganges was flowing right in front of him. You say Har Har Gange, Jai Ganga Maiya and jump.

Feeling refreshed after taking a bath, Akbar told Birbal that these Tulsi Mata, Gau Mata, Ganga Mata are the Mother of the World. Only those who believe in them are called ‘Hindu’.


Whose Officer: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kiska Afsar: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Vizier Abul Fazal said to Birbal in front of Emperor Akbar, “Birbal, Emperor Akbar has appointed you as the officer of pigs and dogs.”

On this Birbal said, “Very well, then you too will have to obey me.”

Emperor Akbar laughed on hearing this and Vizier Abul Fazl dried his head in shame.


Whose servant who: Akbar-Birbal story
Kiska Naukar Kaun: Akbar-Birbal Story

Whenever Akbar and Birbal were alone in the court, there used to be a debate on one thing or the other. One day Emperor Akbar was praising brinjal curry a lot.

Birbal was also saying yes to the king’s yes. Not only this, he used to say a sentence or two in praise of brinjal from his side as well.

Suddenly it came in the heart of Emperor Akbar to see to what extent Birbal fulfills his words. Thinking of this, the king started talking bad about brinjal in front of Birbal. Birbal also started saying yes to his yes that eating brinjal causes physical diseases etc.

Emperor Akbar was surprised to hear Birbal’s words and said – “Birbal! You cannot be sure of this. Sometimes you praise brinjal and sometimes you criticize. When we praised him, you also praised him and when we criticized him, you did. also criticized him, why so?”

Birbal said in a soft tone – “The king is safe! I am your servant, not the servant of brinjal.


Whose Beard’s Fire: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kiski Dadhi Ki Aag: Akbar-Birbal Story

It was the habit of Emperor Akbar that he used to ask different types of questions to his courtiers. One day the king asked the courtiers, “If everyone’s beard catches fire, including me, whose beard will you extinguish first?”

“Huzoor’s beard” all the members spoke together.

But Birbal said – “Huzoor, first I will extinguish the fire of my beard, then I will look at someone else’s beard.”

The king was very happy with Birbal’s answer and said- “You all were lying for the purpose of making me happy. The truth is that every man thinks of himself first.”


Whose Name: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Kiski Nemat: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar often used to go out for walks in disguise. One day he disguised himself as Birbal and reached a village outside the city. There the king Saw that a dog was chewing and eating a piece of bread, which had dried up and turned black due to being several days old. Suddenly thought of playing pranks on the king. He said, “Birbal! See, that dog is eating Kali. ,

‘Kali’ was the name of Birbal’s mother. He understood that Alampanah was playing pranks. But suppressing this feeling, he immediately said, “Aalampanah, for him he is the only life and blessing”.

Nemat was the name of the emperor’s mother. The king had to remain silent after listening to Birbal’s answer.


Which river’s water is best: Akbar-Birbal story
Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Akbar asked his courtiers in the full court, “Tell me, which river’s water is the best?”

All the courtiers unanimously replied, “The water of the Ganges is the best”.

But Birbal did not answer the king’s question. Seeing him silent, the king said, “Birbal, why are you silent?”

Birbal said, “Your Majesty, the best water is from the Yamuna river.”

The king was very surprised to hear this answer of Birbal and said, “On what basis have you said this when in your scriptures the water of river Ganges has been described as the purest and holy and you are saying that the water of river Yamuna is the best.” Is”

Birbal said, “Sir, how can I compare water with nectar. The water flowing in the Ganges is not just water but nectar, that is why I said that the water of the Yamuna is the best.” The king and all the courtiers became speechless and He had to accept that Birbal was right.


Well Water: Story of Akbar-Birbal
Queen’s Pani: Akbar-Birbal Story

A farmer was very upset. He needed water to irrigate his fields. So, he was searching for a well around his land for many days. He was roaming around in this search that suddenly he saw a well. This well was very close to his fields. So, the farmer was very happy. He thought that now his troubles were over. Thinking of this, he happily went home.

The next day he reached the well to get water. As soon as he put the bucket kept near the well into the well, a man came there. He said to the farmer, this well is mine. You can’t take water from it. If you want to take water from this well, you have to buy this well.

Hearing this, the farmer stopped for a while and then started thinking in his mind that if I buy this well, I will never face shortage of water, nor will I have to wander here and there for water. What was it then, an amount was fixed between the two. The farmer did not have that much money, but he did not want to miss this opportunity. So, the farmer promised the man the money the next day and headed home.

This was a good opportunity for the farmer to buy a well. Therefore, he did not want to delay the work at all. As soon as he reached home, he talked to his near and dear ones about this and started arranging the amount fixed for the well. After some running and trying, he finally deposited that amount. Now he was completely sure that no one could stop him from buying the well.

He went home again with the money he had collected. He was eagerly waiting when the night would end and he would go to buy the well. In this thought, he could not sleep the whole night. The next day in the morning, he went out to buy the well.

On reaching the man’s house, the farmer put money on his hand and bought the well. Now the well had become the farmer’s, so he did not delay in extracting water. As soon as the farmer raised the bucket to draw water from the well, the man again said wait, you cannot draw water from this well. i asked you

I have sold it, the water in the well is still mine. The farmer became disheartened and went to the king’s court to complain for justice.

Do you know what was the name of that king? King Akbar. King Akbar heard the whole story of the farmer and then called the man who had sold the well to the court. On hearing the order of the king, the man ran away and appeared in the court. The king asked him, when you sold your well to this farmer, then why are you not allowing him to take water.

The man said, Maharaj, I sold him only a well, not water. Hearing this, even the king got confused. He said that he is talking about the address, the well has been sold, not the water. After thinking for a long time when he failed to solve this problem, he called Birbal.

Birbal was very intelligent. Therefore, King Akbar used to take his opinion before taking a decision on any matter. Birbal once again asked both of them their problems. After knowing the whole thing, Birbal said to the man that it is okay, you sold the well, not the water. Then what is your water doing in the farmer’s well? The well is not yours, immediately take your water out of the well. As soon as Birbal said so much, that man understood that now his cleverness is not going to be of any use. He immediately apologized to the king and agreed that the farmer has full right over the water along with the well.

Seeing this, King Akbar praised the wisdom of Birbal and fined the man who sold the well for cheating.

Moral: Don’t consider yourself smarter than others. Also, stay away from the habit of cheating, because there can be someone who knows how to use intelligence more than you. In that case your cheating will be caught and you will have to pay for what you did, like the man who sold the well at the end of the story.


Lying down after eating: Akbar-Birbal story
Akbar-Birbal Story

Once upon a time, Birbal had told Akbar this proverb that after eating, lie down and run away after killing – this is the identity of wise people. Those who do this, they do not have to suffer any kind of sorrow in life.

One day Akbar suddenly remembered this saying of Birbal.

It was the afternoon time He thought, Birbal must be lying down after having his food. Today we will prove him wrong. He called a servant to him and explained the whole thing and sent it to Birbal.

The servant has told Birbal about the order of Akbar.

Birbal was intelligent, he understood why the king had asked him to come immediately. That’s why Birbal said to the servant after eating – “Wait, I am walking with you after changing clothes.

Birbal chose a tight-fitting pajama to wear that day. He lay down on the bed for a while to put on his pyjamas. He lay on the bed for a long time on the pretext of wearing pyjamas. Then went with the servant.

When Birbal reached the court, Akbar said- “Tell Birbal, are you still lying down after having your meal or not?” “Absolutely lying down was Jahanpanah.” After listening to Birbal, Akbar said in an angry voice – “It means, you have disobeyed our orders. We will punish you for disobeying orders. When we had called immediately after having food, then why did you lie down?”

King is safe! I have not disobeyed your orders. After eating food, I am coming directly to you wearing clothes. You can ask the person carrying the message. Now it is a different matter that I had to lie down just to wear these tight pyjamas. Birbal replied in a simple way.

Akbar understood the cleverness of Emperor Birbal and smiled.


Small Bamboo, Big Bamboo: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Chhota Baans Bada Baans: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Akbar and Birbal were walking in the garden. Birbal was reciting Latifah and Akbar was enjoying it. Then Akbar saw a piece of bamboo lying on the grass below. He thought of testing Birbal.

Showing a piece of bamboo to Birbal, he said, “Can you shorten this piece of bamboo without cutting it?” Birbal stopped reciting Latifah and looked into Akbar’s eyes.

Akbar smiled deviously, Birbal understood that Badshah Salamat was in a mood to joke with him.

Now, as it was a baseless question, the answer should have been similar.

Birbal looked around, a gardener was carrying a long bamboo in his hand.

Going to him, Birbal took that bamboo in his right hand and the small piece of bamboo given by the king in his left hand.

Birbal said, “Huzoor, now look at this piece, it has become small without cutting it.”

That piece had to look small in front of the big bamboo.

The speechless Emperor Akbar smiled seeing Birbal’s cleverness.


When Birbal became a child: Akbar-Birbal story
Jab Birbal Bachcha Bana : Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Birbal reached the court late. When the king asked the reason for the delay, he said, “What can I do sir! Today my children started crying loudly saying that they should not go to the court. Somehow I was able to make him understand with great difficulty that how important it was for me to be present in the court. This took me a long time and hence I was late in coming.

The king felt that Birbal was making excuses.

The king was not satisfied with this answer of Birbal. He said, “I do not agree with you. It is not so difficult to explain to any child as you told. It cannot take so long.

Birbal said laughing, “Huzoor! It is very easy to get angry or scold a child. But it is very difficult to explain something in detail.

Akbar said, “Don’t talk like a fool. Bring any child to me. i

Let me show you how easy it is.” “Okay, Jahanpanah!” Birbal said, “I myself become a child and behave like that. Then you satisfy me like a father.

Then Birbal started behaving like a small child. He teased Akbar by making different faces and started jumping here and there in the court like a small child. He threw his turban on the ground. Then he went and sat on Akbar’s lap and started tinkering with his moustache.

The king kept on saying, “No…no my child! Do not do this. You are a good child, aren’t you? Hearing this, Birbal started shouting loudly. Then Akbar ordered some sweets to be brought, but Birbal kept shouting loudly.

Now the king got upset, but he kept patience. He said, “Son! Will you play with toys? Look how beautiful the toys are.” Birbal said crying, “No, I will eat sugarcane.”

Akbar smiled and ordered to bring sugarcane.

In a short while a soldier came with some sugarcane. But Birbal’s crying did not stop. He said, “I don’t want big sugarcane, give me sugarcane cut into small pieces.”

Akbar called a soldier and asked him to cut a sugarcane into small pieces. Seeing this, Birbal said crying loudly, “No, the soldier will not cut the sugarcane. You cut it yourself.

Now the mood of the king has deteriorated. But he had no option but to cut the sugarcane. And what do you do? He himself was trapped in his own trap.

After cutting the sugarcane into pieces, placing them in front of Birbal, Akbar said, “Take it, son.”

Now Birbal wriggling like a child said, “No, I will eat the whole sugarcane.”

The king picked up a whole sugarcane and gave it to Birbal and said, “Take the whole sugarcane and stop crying.”

But Birbal kept crying and said, “No, make me whole sugarcane from these small pieces only.”

“How strange you talk! How is this even possible? The king’s voice was full of anger.

But Birbal kept on crying. The king lost his patience. Said, “If you don’t stop crying, then you will be beaten.”

Now Birbal, acting like a child, got up and said laughing, “No…no! Don’t kill me sir! Now do you know how difficult it is to pacify a child’s absurd stubbornness?

Akbar agreed with Birbal’s words, said, “Yes you are right. It is not child’s play to explain to a child who is adamant while crying and crying.


Quickly call and bring: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Early Bulakar Lao : Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar woke up one morning, scratching his beard and said, “Hey, is there anyone?” Immediately a servant appeared. On seeing him, the king said – “Go, call him quickly and bring him, present him immediately.” The servant could not understand whom to call and whom to present? He didn’t even have the courage to confront the king and question him.

That servant told this thing to another servant. The second to the third and the third to the fourth. In this way all the servants came to know about this and all were confused as to whom to call and whom to present.

Birbal had gone out for a walk in the morning. When he saw the king’s personal servants running around, he understood that the king must have told some unique work, which is beyond his understanding. He called a servant and asked, “What is the matter? Why is this running around happening? The servant told the whole thing to Birbal, “Your Majesty, protect us. We are not able to understand whom to call. If we don’t call soon and take him away, we will be in trouble. Birbal asked, “Tell me, what was the king doing while giving orders?” When the king’s personal servant, who had received the order, presented him in front of Birbal, he told – “At the time when I was summoned, he was sitting on the bed scratching his beard.” Birbal immediately understood everything and a smile appeared on his lips. Then he said to that servant – “You take the barber.”

The servant called the barber and made him appear before the king. The king started thinking, “I didn’t even tell him whom to bring. Then how did he appear with the barber?” The king asked the servant, “Tell the truth. Have you brought the barber of your own accord or someone suggested to bring him?

The servant got scared, but even without telling there was no escape. Said, “Birbal had suggested, Jahanpanah!” The king was pleased with Birbal’s intelligence.


Spread the legs as long as the sheet: Akbar-Birbal story
Jitni Lambi Chadar Utne Pair Pasaro : Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar’s courtiers often used to complain that the emperor always described Birbal as intelligent and not others.

One day the king called all his courtiers to the court and gave a sheet two hands long and two hands wide and said – “If you cover me from head to toe with this sheet, I will consider you wise.”

All the courtiers tried but could not cover the king completely with that sheet; Everyone tried in every way, diagonally, long and wide, but could not succeed.

Now the king called Birbal and gave him the same sheet and asked him to cover it. When the king lay down, Birbal asked him to shrink the spread legs of the king. The king shrank his feet and Birbal covered himself with a sheet from head to toe. Other courtiers were looking at Birbal with surprise. Then Birbal said – “As long as the sheet, spread your legs.”

Whose Victory: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Jeet Kiski: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar was preparing to go to war. The army was completely ready. King also came riding on his horse. Birbal was also accompanying him. The king ordered the army to march to the battlefield.

The emperor was in front, his huge army was following behind. On the way, the king got curious and asked Birbal – “Can you tell who will win the war?”

“Huzoor, I will answer this question only after the war.” Birbal said.

After some time the army reached the battlefield. After reaching there, Birbal said – “Huzoor, now I answer your question and the answer is that victory will be yours.”

“How can you say this now, when the enemy’s army is also very large?” The king expressed doubt.

“Sir, the enemy is riding an elephant and the elephant throws mud on itself with its trunk and lives in its own fun, whereas you are riding a horse and horses are called Ghazi mard. A horse will never betray you.” Birbal said.

In that war, it was Emperor Akbar who triumphed.


Joru Ka Ghulam: Akbar-Birbal Story
Joru Ka Gulam: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar and Birbal were talking. When the matter started on the relationship between husband and wife, Birbal said – “Most of the men are slaves of Joru and are afraid of their wives.”

“I do not believe.” said the king.

“Sir, I can prove it,” said Birbal.


“Okay, from today you issue an order that if anyone is proved to be afraid of his wife, then he will have to deposit a cock in the court with Birbal.”

The king issued the order.

Within a few days, a lot of chickens gathered near Birbal, then he said to the king – “Sir, now so many chickens have gathered that you can open a hen house. So withdraw your order.”

Don’t know what joke the king thought that he refused to withdraw his order. Birbal got angry and returned. The next day Birbal came to the court and said to Emperor Akbar – Huzoor, it has come to know from reliable sources that the daughter of the neighboring king is very beautiful, if you ask, should I send your marriage proposal?

“What are you saying, think about it, there are already two in the sanatorium, if they overhear it then I will not be well,” said the king.

“Huzoor, you also give two chickens.” said Birbal.

The king blushed after hearing Birbal. He immediately withdrew his order.


Tedha Question: Akbar-Birbal Story
Tedha Question: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Akbar and Birbal went to Van-Vihar. Pointing to a crooked tree, Akbar asked Birbal, “Why is this tree crooked? Birbal replied, “He is crooked because he is the brother-in-law of all the trees in the forest. The king asked how can you say that? Birbal said that this thing is famous in the world that the tail and the bitches of the dog are always crooked. Akbar asked, is my brother-in-law also crooked? Birbal immediately said of course Jahanpanah! Akbar said, then hang my crooked brother-in-law!

One day Birbal got three gallows made “one of gold, one of silver and one of iron.” Seeing them, Akbar asked – why three planks? Birbal said, “Poor man, the gold one for you, the silver one for me and the iron board for the government brother-in-law. Akbar surprisedly asked why me and you were hanged? Birbal said, “Why not take refuge, after all we are also someone’s brother-in-law. Emperor Akbar laughed, the government’s brother-in-law came to life. He was honorably acquitted.


The burden of three donkeys: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Teen-Teen Gadhon Ka Bojh: Akbar-Birbal Story

The king and his two sons were fond of bathing in the river. Birbal also used to go to the river with him sometimes but never used to bathe in the river. The king and his two sons went to bathe in the river one day with Birbal and started bathing in the river. Birbal sat on the bank of the river and started guarding the clothes of the king and his sons on the river bank. Birbal hanged his clothes on his shoulders. The king always had a habit of teasing Birbal. Standing in the river, King Salamat teased Birbal and said that it seems that you are carrying the burden of a donkey on your shoulders.

When was Birbal going to remain silent, immediately said, “Huzur not one, not two, not three donkeys.”

The king immediately became silent after hearing this because Birbal had hung the clothes of all three on his shoulders.


Three Rupees, Three Things: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Teen Rupee Teen Cheezen : Akbar-Birbal Story

Seeing the sad face of a minister, Emperor Akbar asked the reason for his sadness. Then the minister said that you give importance to Birbal by handing over all the important work. Because of which we do not get a chance to prove our talent. Hearing this, Akbar gave three rupees to that minister and said that you should go to the market and spend these three rupees equally on three things… ie one rupee on each thing.

But the condition is that-

The first thing should be here. The second thing should be there. And the third thing should be neither here nor there.

After taking three rupees from the court minister Akbar, he left for the market. He could not understand what to do now. He started circling from one shop to another but he could not find anyone who could give three things of Re 1 each as per this condition. He returned to Akbar exhausted.

Now Emperor Akbar gave the same task to Birbal.

Birbal crossed the challenge of Emperor Akbar and returned with three things in an hour. Now Birbal narrated the story of those things in this way.

first one rupee

I spent on sweets which are the things of this world here. I donated the second rupee to a poor fakir from whom I got virtue which is a thing of heaven there. And I gambled with the third rupee and lost… In this way, the “money lost in gambling” was the third thing which neither here nor there helped me, I would be lucky in heaven.

Hearing Birbal’s clever words, the king as well as the courtiers smiled and everyone accepted his wisdom.


Three questions: Akbar-Birbal story
Teen Question: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar was a great fan of Birbal’s wit. Other ministers of the court were very jealous of his talk. One of those ministers, who was greedy to get the post of General Secretary, made a plan in his mind. He knew that as long as Birbal was in the court as the chief advisor, his wish could never be fulfilled.

One day in the court, Akbar greatly praised Birbal’s wit. After hearing all this, that minister got very angry. He told Maharaj that if Birbal answers my three questions correctly, then I will accept his intelligence and if not, it proves that he is a sycophant of Maharaj. Akbar knew that Birbal would definitely answer his questions, so he accepted the minister’s words.

That minister had three questions –

How many stars are there in the sky? Where is the center of the earth? How many women and how many men are there in the whole world?

Akbar immediately asked Birbal to answer these questions. And put a condition that if he does not know the answer, then he should be ready to leave the post of Chief Advisor.

Birbal said, “Then listen Maharaj”

First question – Birbal ordered a sheep. And said that there are as many stars in the sky as there are hairs on the body of this sheep. My friend, count and be satisfied, Birbal said smiling at the minister.

Second question – Birbal drew some lines on the ground and did some calculations. Then an iron rod was ordered and it was buried at a place and Birbal said to Maharaj, “Maharaj, the center of the earth is exactly at this place, if you want, you can check it yourself”. Maharaj said ok now tell about the third question.

Your majesty, now the answer to the third question is very difficult. Because there are some people in this world who neither come in the category of women nor in the category of men. Some of them are even present in our court like this minister. Maharaj, if you get them killed, then I can tell the exact number of men and women. Now the minister started trembling leaving the answers to the questions and said to Maharaj, “Maharaj, I just got the answers to my questions. I have accepted Birbal’s wisdom.

Maharaj, as usual, turned his back on Birbal and started laughing and meanwhile that minister slipped out of the court.


Cheater Qazi: Akbar-Birbal Story
Dhokhebaj Kaji: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was discussing some issue with his courtiers in the Mughal court. At the same time a farmer came there with his complaint and said, “Your Majesty, do justice. I want justice.” After hearing this, Emperor Akbar said what happened.

The farmer said, “Your Majesty, I am a poor farmer. Some time ago my wife passed away and now I live alone. My mind is not engaged in any work. So, one day I went to Qazi Sahib. He asked me to go to a dargah located far away from here for peace of mind. Impressed by his talk, I agreed to go to the Dargah, but at the same time I started worrying about the theft of Soni coins, which I had earned after working hard for so many years. When I told this to Qazi Sahib, he said that he would safeguard the gold coins and return them when he returned. On this I put all the coins in a bag and gave them to him. Qazi sahib asked me to put a seal on the bag as a precaution.

Emperor Akbar said, “Well then what happened?” The farmer said, “Your Highness, I gave him the bag after sealing it and went on a journey to visit the dargah. Then when he came back after a few days, Qazi Sahib gave back the bag. When I returned home with the bag and opened it, it had stones instead of gold coins. When I asked Qazi Sahib about this, he angrily said that you are accusing me of theft. Having said this, he called his servants and chased me away after beating me.

The farmer said crying, “Your Majesty, I had only those gold coins in the name of deposits. Do justice to me Maharaj.

After listening to the farmer, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to settle the matter. Birbal took the bag from the farmer’s hands, looked inside it and asked Maharaj for some time. Emperor Akbar gave Birbal two days’ time.

After going home, Birbal gave a torn kurta to his servant and said, “Get it washed well and bring it.” The servant went away with the kurta and after some time got it ironed and came back. Birbal was happy to see the kurtas. The kurta was roughened in such a way that it was not torn. Seeing this, Birbal asked the servant to call the tailor. The servant came with the tailor in no time. Birbal asked him something and sent him back.

The next day Birbal reached the court and ordered the soldier to bring both the Qazi and the farmer to the court. In no time, the soldier brought the Qazi and the farmer along.

After this Birbal asked the soldier to call the tailor as well. On hearing this, Kazi lost his senses. As soon as the tailor arrived, Birbal asked him, “Did the Qazi give you anything to stitch?” Then the tailor said, “Some

Months ago I sewed his coin bag. After this, when Birbal forcefully asked Qazi, he told everything truthfully out of fear.

The Qazi said, “Your Highness, I became greedy seeing so many gold coins at once. Pardon me.”

Emperor Akbar ordered the Qazi to return his gold coins to the farmer and also sentenced the Qazi to one year imprisonment. After this, once again everyone praised Birbal’s intelligence.

Moral: Never be greedy and never cheat anyone. In return for wrongdoing one has to face punishment one day or the other.


Panditji: Story of Akbar-Birbal
Pandit Ji: Akbar-Birbal Story

The dusk was about to fall. All the visitors were slowly returning to their homes. Then Birbal saw that a fat man was standing shyly in a corner silently. Birbal came near him and said, “It seems you want to say something. Speak out everything without hesitation. Tell me, what is your problem?”

The fat man said hesitantly, “My problem is that I am not educated. I didn’t pay attention to my education which I regret. I also want to raise my head in the society and live with respect. But now it doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.

“No, there is no delay, it will definitely happen if you do not lose heart and work hard. You also have ability” said Birbal.

“But it will take years to get the knowledge.” The fat man said, “I can’t wait that long. I just want to know if there is any way to get fame just by pinching.

There is no such easy way to get fame. Birbal said, “If you really want to be called worthy and famous, then you have to work hard. That too for some time.

Hearing this, the fat man got lost in thought.

“No, I don’t have that much patience.” The fat man said, “I want to be called ‘Panditji’ after getting fame immediately.”

“Ok.” Birbal said, “There is only one solution for this. Tomorrow you go and stand in the market. The men sent by me will be there, who will call you Panditji. They will say this out loud again and again. This will attract the attention of other people, they will also start calling you Panditji. It is obvious. But our play will be successful only when you start throwing stones at them showing anger or you have to make them run with sticks in hand. But be careful, you just have to show off your anger. No one should get hurt.”

At that time the fat man could not understand anything and returned home.

The next morning the fat man went and stood in the busy market as Birbal had told him. Only then the men sent by Birbal reached there and started saying in a loud voice – “Panditji…Panditji…Panditji….”

Hearing this, the fat man picked up his stick and ran after those men. As if he would literally beat. The men sent by Birbal ran away from there, but they did not stop chanting Panditji…Panditji…. Shortly after, a group of stray boys roaming there came up to the fat man shouting ‘Panditji…Panditji…’.

A very funny scene was created. The fat man was running after the people and people were singing and dancing saying ‘Panditji…Panditji…’.

Now the fat man became famous by the name of Panditji. Whenever people saw him, they used to address him as Panditji. On their part, people used to make fun of him by saying that he would throw stones at them or run after them with sticks. But little did they know that this was what the fat man wanted. He was about to become famous.

Likewise, months passed by.

The fat man too was tired. He also understood that people do not call him Panditji out of respect, rather they make fun of him by saying so. People had come to know that being called a pundit makes him angry. He used to think that maybe people think I am crazy. Thinking of this, he got so upset that he went to Birbal again.

He said, “I don’t want to be called just Panditji. Well, I like to call myself a pundit and for some time I liked hearing that. But now I’m tired. People don’t respect me, they make fun of me.”

The fat man was beginning to realize the reality.

Seeing the fat man saying this, Birbal laughed and said, “I had already told you that you will not be able to do this for a long time. How can people call you something that you are not? Do you consider them a fool? Go, now spend some time in some other city. When you return, ignore those people who call you Panditji. Behave like a good, decent person. Soon people will understand that there is no point in making fun of you by calling you ‘Panditji’ and they will stop saying so.

The fat man followed Birbal’s instructions.

When he returned from another city after a few months, people tried to harass him by calling him Panditji, but he paid no heed. Now the fat man was happy that people have come to know him by his real name. He understood that there is no easy road to fame.


Cheating the paan seller: Akbar-Birbal story
Paan Wale Ko Choona: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once upon a time Emperor Akbar was asked for a paan. he has a special

Asked the paan seller to apply paan. He made paan and gave it to the king. The king silently ate paan and asked the paan seller to bring half a kilo of lime to the court the next day. He didn’t know why the king told him so.

He quietly went to the market to buy lime. He asked the shopkeeper for half a kilo of lime. The shopkeeper asked him why so much lime

Are you buying like this? He told how he had given paan to the king. It didn’t take long for the shopkeeper to understand that something was wrong. He explained to the paan seller that before going to the court with lime, drink a lot of ghee. He followed the advice and drank a lot of ghee before going to the court.

On reaching the court, the king asked him to eat all the lime. He was surprised. He did not expect that the king had ordered him to lime. But he was ready for it. So, he ate all the lime. Despite this, nothing happened to him, so the king wanted to know the reason from him. He told the king about his conversation with the shopkeeper. Now the king was eager to meet the person who had already known his mind.

The king ordered that the shopkeeper should be present in the court the next day. The next day that shopkeeper was brought to the court. The king asked him how he understood what was in his mind. Then the shopkeeper said, Sir, when this man came to me to buy lime, I asked him what would you do with so much lime?

He told me that he fed you by making paan and then you ordered him to bring lime. Then it didn’t take me long to understand that he must have put a little too much lime in the paan by mistake, which must have caused blisters in the king’s mouth, and to make him realize this, you asked for lime from him. I advised him to go after drinking ghee before going to the court, so that even if you have to eat lime, its effect will be reduced. This shopkeeper was none other than Birbal.




Feet and slippers: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Pair Aur Chappal: Akbar-Birbal Story

Birbal was a very kind hearted person. He always used to do charity and not only this, he used to distribute the reward he received from the king mostly among the poor and downtrodden, but in spite of this he had no shortage of money. Along with donating, Birbal was also careful that he should not be cheated by hypocrites by showing his humility.

Similarly, Emperor Akbar made a plan along with the courtiers to see whether Birbal could identify the true poor people. The emperor disguised one of his soldiers and sent him to Birbal in a humble state that if he would bring something from Birbal in the form of financial assistance, he would be rewarded by Akbar.

One day when Birbal was coming from the temple after worshiping, the disguised soldier came in front of Birbal and said, “Huzoor Diwan! Me and my eight small children, who have been hungry for eight days…. God says that feeding the hungry is a very virtuous act, I hope you will definitely earn virtue by giving me some charity.

Birbal looked at the man from head to toe and recognized in an instant that he was not what he was pretending to be.

Birbal smiled in his heart and without saying anything, started walking on the path through which a river had to be crossed. That person also kept following Birbal. Birbal took off his shoe to cross the river and took it in his hand. That person also tried to take the torn old shoe of his foot in his hand.

As soon as Birbal crossed the river and reached the pebbled path, he would put on his shoes only after walking a couple of steps. Birbal had also noticed that due to washing his feet while crossing the river, that person had started looking even more clean, smooth, soft fair skinned, so he could not walk on the pebble path with soft feet.

′′ Crazy! Haven’t you heard the cry of the poor?” The person coming behind said.

Birbal said, “How can I listen to the call of the one who made me a sinner? ,

“What did you say? Will you become a sinner by helping me?”

“Yes, that is because it is written in the scriptures that even before a child is born, God arranges for his food and gives milk in his mother’s breasts, also arranges food for him. It is also said that God wakes up a man hungry but does not make him sleep hungry. Even after all these things you are calling yourself hungry for eight days. Looking at all these situations, it should be understood that God is angry with you and wants to keep you and your family hungry but I am his servant, if I fill your stomach then God will be angry with me. I can’t go against God, no baba no! I cannot feed you, because only a sinner can do all this.

Hearing this answer of Birbal, he went away. He informed about this to the king and the courtiers.

The emperor now understood that Birbal had caught his trick. The next day, the king asked Birbal, “Birbal, there is a lot of discussion about your religious deeds, but yesterday you returned a hungry person disappointed, why?”

“Aalampanah! I did not return any hungry person, but a hypocrite and I have also come to know that the hypocrite had come to fool me at your behest.

Akbar said, “Birbal! How did you know that it is not really hungry, it is a hypocrite?

“Seeing the sandal of his feet and feet. It is true that he was well dressed, but the slippers on his feet were expensive.

Birbal further said, “Supposedly, he could have got slippers in alms, but his soft, soft feet were not found in alms, so he could not bear the pebble neck.”

Having said this, Birbal told how he tested that man and came to know that he was not even used to walking barefoot, he was not poor but a man earning account of a good family.

The king said, “Why not, he is my special soldier.” Then very happy said, “Really Birbal! Maabdaulat was very happy with you! it’s not easy to deceive you


The faces of all the courtiers who were involved in the conspiracy with the emperor were extinguished.


Badshah’s Anger: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Badshah’s Anger: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar got angry with his wife over something. The displeasure increased so much that he asked the Begum to go to her maternal home. Begum thought that perhaps the king had said this in anger, so she did not go to her maternal home. When the king saw that the Begum had not yet gone to her maternal home, he angrily said – “You are still here, you have not gone, otherwise it would not be good to go to your maternal home early in the morning.” If you want, you can take your favorite thing with you.

The Begum sobbed and went to the nursery. After going there he called Birbal. Birbal appeared before the Begum. Begum told about the displeasure of the king and also told about his order.

“Begum Sahib, if the king has ordered, then you have to go, and do as I say about taking your favorite things, the displeasure of the king will also go away.”

As told by Birbal, Begum gave the king a sleeping medicine at night and put him in a palanquin and brought him with her to her maternal home and put him to sleep in a furnished bedroom. When the king woke up, he was surprised to find himself at an unknown place, called out – “Is anyone there?”

His Begum Sahiba was present. Seeing Begum there, they understood that they were in their in-laws’ house. He asked angrily – “You brought us here too, you did such a big audacity…”.

“My Sartaj, you had told me to take the thing of your choice… that is why I brought it to you.”

Hearing this, the king’s anger went away, smilingly said – ” Surely Birbal must have told you this trick.”

Begum nodded her head in agreement.


Badshah’s Dream: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Badshah’s Dream: Akbar-Birbal Story

One night while sleeping, Emperor Akbar had a strange dream that all his teeth except one had fallen out.

Then the next day he called the famous astrologers and nujumis from all over the country and wanted to know the meaning of his dream by telling them about it.

Everyone discussed among themselves and with one opinion said to the king, “Jahampanah, it means that all your relatives will die before you.”

Hearing this, Akbar got very angry and asked all the astrologers to leave the court. After they left, the king asked Birbal to tell him the meaning of his dream.

Birbal remained engrossed in thought for some time, then said, “Huzoor, the meaning of your dream is very auspicious. It means that you will live the longest among your relatives.

The king was very pleased to hear Birbal’s words. Birbal had also said the same thing as the astrologers, but there was a difference in saying. The king bid farewell to Birbal by giving him a reward.


Badshah’s Dream: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Badshah’s Dream: Akbar-Birbal Story

One night while sleeping, Emperor Akbar had a strange dream that all his teeth except one had fallen out.

Then the next day he called the famous astrologers and nujumis from all over the country and wanted to know the meaning of his dream by telling them about it.

Everyone discussed among themselves and with one opinion said to the king, “Jahampanah, it means that all your relatives will die before you.”

Hearing this, Akbar got very angry and asked all the astrologers to leave the court. After they left, the king asked Birbal to tell him the meaning of his dream.

Birbal remained engrossed in thought for some time, then said, “Huzoor, the meaning of your dream is very auspicious. It means that you will live the longest among your relatives.

The king was very pleased to hear Birbal’s words. Birbal had also said the same thing as the astrologers, but there was a difference in saying. The king bid farewell to Birbal by giving him a reward.


Badshah’s Riddles: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Badshah Ki Paheliyan: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar was very fond of telling and listening to riddles. It means to say that he was a staunch riddler. He used to listen to puzzles from others and used to narrate his puzzles to the people from time to time. One day Akbar told a new riddle to Birbal, “Top lid, bottom lid, middle melon. You cut your mouth with a knife, that means you don’t get tasu.

Birbal had never heard such a riddle. That’s why he got confused. He could not understand the meaning of that riddle. So while praying said to the king, “Jahanpanah! If I am given a few days’ time, I will be able to understand its meaning well and tell you. The king accepted his proposal.

Birbal left from there to understand the meaning. He reached a village. One, on a hot day, on the other being troubled and constrained by the fatigue of the way, he entered a house. A girl was cooking food inside the house.

Daughter What are you doing?” He asked. The girl replied, “You are not seeing. I cook the daughter and burn the mother.

Well, you told the condition of two, what is your father doing and where is the third one? Birbal asked.

“He is adding mud to mud.” The girl replied. Hearing this answer, Birbal again asked, “What is your mother doing?” Doing one to two. said the girl.

Birbal had no such expectation from the girl. But she turned out to be such a scholar that he was completely surprised by her answer. Meanwhile his parents also reached. Birbal told him the whole news. The girl’s father said, my girl has given you the right answer. Arhar dal is being cooked with dry Arhar wood. I had gone to burn a dead body of my brotherhood and my wife was cooking lentils in the neighborhood.

Was having a party. Birbal was greatly amused by the riddle-filled words of the girl. He thought, maybe here the secret of the king’s riddle would be revealed, so asked the girl’s father the meaning of the above riddle.

This is a very simple puzzle. Let me tell you the meaning of this – Earth and sky are two lids. The person living inside them is a melon. He dies when death comes, just as wax melts from heat. That farmer said. Birbal was very pleased to see such intelligence of him and left for Delhi after awarding him. After reaching there, Birbal told the meaning of the king’s riddle in front of everyone. The king was pleased and gave many rewards to Birbal.


Dispute of Birbal and Tansen: Story of Akbar-Birbal
Marriage of Birbal and Tansen : Akbar-Birbal Story

There was a dispute between Tansen and Birbal about something. Both were firm on their respective points. Seeing no solution, both of them went to the shelter of the king. Emperor Akbar loved both his gems. He did not want to offend anyone, so instead of giving the decision himself, he advised to get someone else to decide.

“Huzoor, when you have asked someone else to take a decision, then also tell which dignitary should we take our decision?” Birbal asked.

“You guys meet Maharana Pratap, I am sure he will definitely help you in this matter.” Emperor Akbar replied.

On Akbar’s advice, Tansen and Birbal met Maharana Pratap and presented their respective sides. Maharana Pratap started thinking something after listening to both of them, only then Tansen started reciting melodious melody. Maharana started getting intoxicated. When Birbal saw that Tansen was getting Maharana in his favor with his Ragini, he could not help it, immediately said – “Maharanaji, now I am going to tell you a true thing, when both of us were coming to you, I Went to Pushkar ji and prayed that if my side is right, I will donate hundred cows; And Mian Tansen ji prayed and asked for a vow that if he was right, he would sacrifice hundred cows. Maharana ji, now the lives of hundred cows are in your hands.

Maharana was shocked to hear this statement of Birbal. Being a Hindu ruler, how could he think of cow slaughter. He immediately justified Birbal’s side.

When Emperor Akbar came to know about this, he laughed a lot.


Where to find Birbal: Akbar-Birbal story
Birbal Kahan Milega : Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Birbal was enjoying the fresh morning air while walking in the garden when suddenly a man came to him and said, “Can you tell me where to find Birbal?”

“In the Garden.” Birbal spoke.

The man hesitated a little but then calmed down and said, “Where does he live?”

“in own house.” Birbal replied.

The perplexed man again asked, “Why don’t you tell me his full address and whereabouts?”

“Because you didn’t even ask.” Birbal said in a loud voice.

“Don’t you know what I want to ask?” The man asked again.

“No,” was Birbal’s reply.

The man became silent for a while, Birbal’s walk continued. The man thought that I should ask him, do you know Birbal? He again went to Birbal, said, “Enough, just tell me do you know Birbal?” “Yes, I know.” Got the answer.

“what is your name ?” the man asked.

“Birbal.” Birbal replied.

Now the man was bewildered. He was asking Birbal about Birbal’s address for so long and Birbal was not ready to tell that he was Birbal. It was a matter of great surprise for him.

“What kind of man are you…” he seemed a bit annoyed while saying, “I was asking you about yourself and you don’t know what nonsense you were telling. Tell me, why did you do this?

“I just answered your questions straight away, that’s all!”

Ultimately, even that man could not help but smile seeing the sharpness of Birbal’s intelligence.


Merits of Birbal: Akbar-Birbal Story
Birbal’s Yogyata: Akbar-Birbal Story

There was no dearth of people jealous of Birbal in the court. Emperor Akbar’s brother-in-law did not give up even after being defeated by Birbal several times. Being the brother of the Begum, the emperor often had to bear pressure from the Begum as well.

Just like that, once the brother-in-law started demanding the post of Diwan, claiming himself to be intelligent. Birbal had not yet come to the court. So Emperor Akbar said to the brother-in-law – “I could hear the sound of puppies from behind the palace this morning, perhaps the bitch has given birth to children.” Come after seeing, then tell whether this is true or not?

The brother-in-law went away, returned after some time and said – “Huzoor, you are right, only the bitch has given children.”

“Ok how many children are there?” asked the king.

“Sir, I did not count them.”

“Come count.”

Brother-in-law went and returned and said – “Huzoor have five children?”

“How many males are there… how many females?” asked the king again.

“Didn’t see that.”

“Go and see.”

After getting the order, the brother-in-law went back and returned and replied – “There are three males and two females, Huzoor.”

“What color are the male puppies?”

“Huzoor, seeing that, I will come now.”

“Let it be…sit down.” said the king.

Brother-in-law sat down. After some time Birbal came to the court. Then Emperor Akbar said – “Birbal, this morning you are hearing the sounds of puppies from behind the palace, perhaps the bitch has given birth to babies, go and see what is the matter!”

“Yes Sir.” Birbal went away and returned after some time and said, “Sir, you are right…bitches have given birth to children.”

“How many kids are there?”

Huzoor has five children.

“How many males….how many females.”

“Sir, three

There are males…two females.

“What color are the males?”

“Two are black, one is almond.”

“Okay sit down.”

Emperor Akbar looked at his brother-in-law, who bowed his head and sat silently. The king asked him – “Why what do you say now?”

No one was able to answer him.

whose money bag

The court was on. Emperor Akbar was looking after the affairs. Then the doorman informed that two persons wanted to come to settle their dispute.

The king called both of them. Both came to the court and bowed before the king.

“Tell me, what is your problem?” the king asked.

“Huzoor, my name is Kashi, I am Teli and do the business of selling oil; And sir, this is a butcher. He came to my shop and bought oil and took my money bag along with it. When I caught it and asked for my bag, it started telling it as its own, Huzoor, now you do justice.

“There will definitely be justice, now you say what you have to say?” the king said to the butcher. Huzoor, my name is Ramzan and I am a butcher, Huzoor, when I picked up the bag after counting the money for the sale of meat at my shop today, this teller came and snatched this bag from me. Now he is claiming his right on it, Huzoor, give me back the money of the poor.

After listening to both of them, the king got thinking. He could not understand in whose hands he should give the decision. He asked Birbal to decide. Birbal took the money bag from him and sent both of them outside for some time. Birbal asked the servant for water in a bowl and took out some coins from that bag and put them in the water and looked at the water carefully. Then said to the king – “Huzoor, by putting coins in this water, even a little bit of oil is not rising in the water.” If these coins were made of oil, then surely oil would have been applied on them and that oil would also be visible in the water.

The king also put coins in the water, looked at the water carefully and then agreed with Birbal. Birbal called both of them to the court and said – “I have come to know to whom this bag belongs.” Kashi, you are lying, this bag belongs to Ramzan the butcher.

“Sir, this bag is mine.” Kashi said once again.

Birbal showed him the bowl of water with the coins in it and said- “If this bag is yours, then there must be some oil on these coins, but you also see…not even a trace of oil is visible.” Is.”

Kashi became silent.

Birbal gave his bag to Ramzan the butcher and put Kashi in jail.


Birbal’s Journey to Heaven: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Birbal’s Swarg Yatra: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Emperor Akbar was getting his hair shaved by a barber. That’s why he starts praising the barber Emperor Akbar –

Hairdresser – Jahan Panah, you take care of everyone in your kingdom, children, elders, poor, helpless etc.

Akbar – Thank you!

Hairdresser – But, where is the shelter!

Akbar – But, but what, are we forgetting someone we don’t care about?

Hairdresser – Jahan Panah Pardon the impudence, have you ever thought about the elders, that is, your forefathers, who left the world and went to heaven.

Akbar – But we take care of them too, we pray for them, we have built royal tombs in their memory.

Hairdresser – But where ever you have sent someone to heaven, to get the news of your ancestors, they don’t need anything there.

Akbar – What, what are you saying, how can someone go to heaven and come back, have you lost your mind? How can someone travel to heaven and come back?

Hairdresser – Jahan Panah I am telling the truth, can come back after traveling to heaven, I know such a Yogi Baba, who can send to heaven and call back. Bajir Abdullah is his devotee. If you want, you can call that Yogi by asking Bazir Abdullah.

Akbar – Okay, you call that Yogi tomorrow itself after telling Bazir Abdullah.

Then the next day, Bazeer Abdullah brings that Yogi Baba.

Akbar – Bazeer Abdullah has Yogi Baba come to the court.

Bazeer Abdullah – Yes! Where the shelter is, they are standing outside the court. If you have permission, they should be called.

Akbar – Yes, Bazeer Abdullah should be called.

Yogiraj Niranjan attends Baba’s court.

Yogiraj – Alakh Niranjan, my name is Yogi Niranjan Baba.

Akbar – We have heard Yogi ji that you can send anyone to heaven and call them back, this is true.

Yogiraj – Yes, I can send anyone to heaven and call them back.

Akbar – We also need information about our ancestors, how they are living in heaven, they don’t need anything there.

Yogiraj – You can send a trusting person to heaven, who cannot come back without getting trapped in the temptation of heaven.

Bazeer Abdullah – Jahan Panah, you send Birbal for this work, who can be more trustworthy than Birbal.

Akbar – Birbal will you go to heaven for us.

Birbal – Yes! Where there is refuge, I will definitely go to heaven. But before that I want to ask Niranjan Baba something. Yogi Raj, how long will this journey take?

Yogiraj – This journey will take at least two months if you do not get trapped in the pleasures of heaven.

Birbal – Yogi ji how will you send me to heaven.

Yogiraj – I will light a holy fire, you have to enter it, although this activity can be done anywhere, but we will do it on the banks of river Ganges.

Birbal – Jahan Panah I will be away from my home for many days. That’s why I ask for four to five days’ time, some incomplete work has to be completed.

Akbar – Ok Birbal, Yogiraj ji you complete this work after five days.

Now after five days Birbal is taken to be burnt. Yogiraj completes the rituals for the journey to heaven. He puts flowers and some ingredients on a pyre and puts tilak on Birbal’s forehead and asks him to become chit.

Birbal – Goodbye! Where the shelter

Akbar – We will miss you a lot, try to return soon.

Birbal – Yes where you take refuge, I will come back soon.

And then two months pass, Emperor Akbar becomes very worried.

Akbar – We are missing Birbal very much, two months have passed but Birbal has not returned yet, we are very worried. What does Yogiraj have to say, when will Birbal return.

Bazeer Abdullah – Yogi Baba was also saying that the place of refuge may be that Birbal has liked the pleasures of heaven very much and he may not want to leave them.

Akbar – No, this can never happen, Birbal can never do this, we have full faith in him.

At the same time Birbal comes there. He has long hair. Long beard Akbar is very happy to see him.

Akbar – Pleased! Pleased! We are very happy to see you and tell us how our ancestors are in heaven, they do not need anything there.

Birbal – No, where they don’t need anything, they are very happy there.

Akbar – But Birbal why have you grown your hair so long.

Birbal – Where the shelter is not only mine, everyone’s hair is very long there. There is no barber to cut hair. That’s why all of them have asked to call the barber who is here so that he can cut everyone’s hair there.

Akbar – Yes, yes why not, we are sending our barber there now. Yogiraj and that barber are still here, they are staying as our guests for the time being. We now get the ceremony of sending to heaven done, Yogiraj and that barber are called.

Both of them appear in the court, Akbar says to them-

Akbar – Yogiraj heaven needs a barber, you should start the process of sending this barber to heaven quickly.

Barber – (falling on his knees), forgive me Jahan Panah, Bazeer Abdullah had me get all this done. Because he is jealous of Birbal’s fame and wanted to remove Birbal from his path and this Baba is also a hypocrite. Don’t know how Birbal survived that fire, but I will not survive, forgive me

Akbar – What, such a big conspiracy against Birbal! Soldiers, take this hypocrite Baba and this barber and put them in the dungeon. And you Bazeer Abdullah, I did not expect this from you. If I want, I can hang you now, but you have protected us for many years, so we expel you from this country.

Soldiers take it and leave it outside the border and never show your face again.

Ok Birbal my intelligent friend tell me how did you come to know about this conspiracy.

Birbal – Jahan Panah When I heard Yogiraj’s speech about Agam entering, I felt that there was something black in the lentils. That’s why I asked you for five days’ time and in those five days I got such a tunnel prepared which goes directly to my house from that place.

Jahan Panah When Yogiraj lit the fire, I was standing directly on the tunnel that leads to my house, as soon as Yogiraj lit the fire, I opened the door of the tunnel and reached my home.

This is how I escaped from where I took refuge. And I wanted these people to confess their crime, so I did not cut my hair for two months, because I also knew that the weakest link among these three is the barber.

Akbar – Wow! Birbal wow! You are the only one who can do this. No one like you! Only you my clever friend can do this. Wow! Birbal wow!

Birbal – Thank you! Thank you!


Birbal Caught the Thief: Akbar-Birbal Story
Akbar-Birbal Story

Once a businessman had gone away from the state for some days for some work. When he reaches home after finishing his work, he finds that his safe is completely empty. All his hard earned money has been stolen. The merchant got scared and called all the servants in his house. There were total 5 servants in the merchant’s house. On one voice of the merchant, all the servants came and stood in front of him.

The merchant asked them, “How did such a big theft happen in the house when you guys were there? When the thief came and cleaned my safe, where were all of them at that time? A servant replied, “We don’t know when this theft happened, master. we were sleeping.” Hearing this, the businessman got angry and said, “I think only one of you five has committed the theft. Now only Emperor Akbar will settle your account. Saying this he went towards the palace.

Emperor Akbar was sitting in his court listening to the problems of the public when the merchant reached there. The merchant said, “Justice sir, justice, solve my problem.” The king asked, “What happened? Who are you and what is your problem? The merchant said, “I am a merchant living in your kingdom, Maharaj. Went out of state for a few days for some important work. When I came back, my whole safe was looted. I’m ruined, sir. Help me.”

Hearing this, the king asked some questions to the merchant, like how much goods were stolen, does he suspect anyone etc. After getting the answers to the questions, Akbar handed over the merchant’s case to Birbal and said that Birbal would help him in catching the real thief.

The next day Birbal reached the merchant’s house. He called all the servants and asked them where were they all on the night of the theft? Everyone said that he stays in the merchant’s house and that night also in the merchant’s house.

He was only sleeping.

Birbal agreed with him and said, “You all need not worry. I have these five magic sticks in my hand. I will give each of you a stick. Whoever is the thief, his wood will become two inches long tonight and the thief will be caught. We will all meet here tomorrow.” Saying this, Birbal held each stick in his hand and went away.

The day set. The next day Birbal again reached the merchant’s house and called all the servants with their respective pieces of wood. When Birbal saw everyone’s wood, he saw that one servant’s wood was two inches short.

Just what then. Birbal immediately ordered the soldiers to catch the servant. The merchant could not understand this whole incident and started looking at Birbal with confusion. Birbal explained to the merchant that no wood was magical, but the thief was afraid that his wood would grow two inches and out of fear he cut his wood to two inches and was caught. The merchant was very impressed by Birbal’s cleverness and thanked him.

Lesson: No matter how cleverly a wrongdoing is done, but it comes in the eyes of everyone and its result is always bad.

Bhai Jaisa: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Bhai Jaisa: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar was very young when his mother died. Since he was very young, he needed mother’s milk. There was a maidservant living in the palace then, whose child was also milk-faced. She agreed to feed milk to little Akbar. Both that son of the maidservant and Akbar started drinking the milk of the maidservant together.

The name of the maidservant’s son was Husif. Since Husif and Akbar drank the milk of the same woman, they became milk-brothers. Akbar too liked Husif.

Time kept on passing by Akbar became the emperor and became the most powerful emperor of the country. But Husif could not even become a minor courtier.. His friendship was with gamblers and some such people were also his companions, who used to spend money extravagantly. There came a time when Husif did not have money even for two meals a day. The people then asked him to go to the king.

Husif started preparing to go to Emperor Akbar.

As soon as Husif reached the court, the king embraced him as if he were his real brother. The king was very happy to see Husif after a long time. He tried to offer him all the possible help.

Akbar employed Husif in his court. Gave a big house, servants and horse carriage to live in. He used to get a hefty amount every month for personal expenses. Now Husif’s life was passing peacefully. There was no shortage of things for him.

“If you have any other needs, feel free to say so. Everything will be done. The king said to Husif.

Then Husif replied, “Whatever you have given so far is enough to lead a royal life, King Salamat. You gave me respect, gave me the status to walk with my head raised. Who would be more happier than me. It is also a matter of pride for me that the emperor of the country considers me his brother. What more could I need. Saying this he scratched his head, a grateful smile on his lips. But it seemed as if he needed something else too He said, “I feel blessed to be with a wise and able man like Birbal. I wish that like Birbal is your advisor, I also have someone to advise me.

Emperor Akbar decided to fulfill this wish of Husif as well. He called Birbal and said, “Husif is like my brother. I have provided him all the luxuries of life, but now he wants an able advisor like you. Consider yourself like yourself, but bring someone like your brother who can entertain Husif. He should not be talkative, but whatever he speaks, speak carefully. There should be some meaning to his words. Understood what I want.

At first Birbal could not understand why the king wanted this. He did not see any such quality in Husif. “Yes sir!” Birbal said, “You want me to find a man who is like my brother.”

“Got it right.” The king said.

Now Birbal started thinking that who could be like his brother. Husif is fortunate that the emperor treats him as his brother and has provided him with all the luxuries. But Birbal did not like Husif’s demand that he should also have an advisor like Birbal. The king used to respect Birbal very much and Birbal also used to sprinkle his life on the king. But Husif was never fit for being this way. Now Birbal was thinking that how to solve the problem, then the sound of the bull came from the nearby cattle shed. Birbal stood up immediately. At last he had found someone like his brother.

The next day Birbal went to the palace with that bull and stood in front of Akbar.

“Why have you come here, Birbal, taking this bull with you?’ asked Akbar.

“This is my brother, King Salamat.” Birbal said, “We both grew up drinking the milk of the same mother….by drinking the milk of mother cow. That’s why this bull is like my brother…milk-brother. He speaks very little. It also gives valuable advice to one who understands its language. Give it to Husif, his wish of having a mentor like me will be fulfilled.

Akbar realized his mistake after hearing this answer of Birbal. Then he felt that as there is no other like him, Birbal is also the same.


Innocent Punishment: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Masoom Saza: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Emperor Akbar came to the court and asked the courtiers, “Someone dared to pull my moustache today. What punishment should he be given?”

Some of the courtiers said that he should be hanged on the cross, some said that he should be hanged, some said that he should be beheaded immediately.

The king got angry. At last he asked Birbal, “Birbal, you have not given any opinion”.

“Jahanpanah, khata maaf ho, this criminal should be given a gift instead of punishment”, replied Birbal.

The king smiled softly and said, “What do you mean?”

“Jahanpanah, the person who dares to pull your moustache, can be none other than your prince who plays on your lap. The innocent should be punished by eating sweets instead”, Birbal revealed.

The king laughed and the courtiers started peeping.


List of Fools: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Moorkhon Ki Fehrist: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar was so fond of horse riding that he was ready to pay the asking price for a horse if he liked it. Horse sellers from distant countries like Arabia, Persia etc used to come to the court with strong and attractive horses. The emperor used to pay a good price for the horse selected for his personal use. The horses which were not of interest to the emperor were given to the army.

A was bought.

Horse sellers used to do good business in Akbar’s court.

One day a new seller of horses came to the court. Other traders also did not know him. He sold two very attractive horses to the emperor and said that he could bring another hundred similar horses, provided he was given an advance of half the price.

Since the king liked the horses very much, he immediately made up his mind to buy a hundred more.

The king called his treasurer and asked the merchant to pay half the amount. The treasurer took that merchant and went towards the treasury. But no one found it appropriate that the king had given such a huge amount as an advance to an unknown merchant. But no one had the courage to protest.

Everyone wanted Birbal to take up this matter.

Birbal was also not happy with this deal. He said, “Huzoor! Yesterday you asked me to make a list of fools across the city. I’m sorry your name is at the top of that list.”

Emperor Akbar’s face turned red with anger. He felt that Birbal had insulted him in front of the foreign guests in the full court.

An enraged emperor shouted, “How dare you call us fools?”

“Sorry Badshah Salamat.” Birbal bowed his head and said in a respectful tone, if you want, get my head penned, if you find it wrong to keep your name at the top of the list of fools prepared at your behest.

There was such silence in the court that if a needle dropped, the sound would be heard.

Now Emperor Akbar raised his straight hand, pointed the index finger towards Birbal and moved forward. The breath of all the people present in the court had stopped. Curiosity and excitement danced on everyone’s faces. They thought that Emperor Salamat would behead Birbal. Earlier no one had the guts to call the emperor a fool.

But the king put his hand on Birbal’s shoulder. He wanted to know the reason. Birbal understood what the king wanted. He said, “You thoughtlessly advanced a hefty sum to a horse dealer whose whereabouts are unknown. He might even cheat on you. That’s why your name is at the top of the list of fools. It is possible that now that merchant may not return. He will go and settle in some other country and you will not be able to find him. Before making any deal with anyone, there must be information about him. That trader sold you only two horses and you were so fascinated that you gave the huge amount without even knowing him. That’s it.”

“Immediately go to the treasury and stop the payment of the amount.” Akbar immediately sent one of his servants.

Birbal said, “Now your name will not be there in that list.”

Emperor Akbar kept staring at Birbal for a few moments, then focused his eyes on the courtiers and laughed out loud. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief that the king had realized his mistake. The courtiers also joined in the laughter and praised Birbal’s cleverness with one voice.


The Art of Planting Pearls: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Moti Bone Ki Kala: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day a loud commotion was heard in the court of Emperor Akbar. Everyone was raising slogans against Birbal, “Birbal is a scoundrel, a sinner, punish him”.

Seeing the overwhelming public opinion against Birbal, the emperor ordered that Birbal be crucified. The day is fixed. Birbal asked permission to say his last words.

On getting permission, he said, “I told you all the things, but could not teach you the art of sowing pearls.”

Akbar said, “Really, do you know that? Well then, you are given a chance to live until I learn this.”

Birbal pointed to certain palaces and said, “These should be demolished as the best pearls can be born in this land”. The palaces were demolished. These palaces belonged to the courtiers who made false complaints against Birbal. Birbal sowed barley there. After a few days, Birbal said to everyone, “Tomorrow morning these plants will produce pearls”.

Everyone came the next day. The dew drops were shining like pearls on the barley plants. Birbal said, “Now those of you who are innocent, washed of milk, can cut these pearls. But if anyone has committed a single crime, these pearls will fall into the water.”

No one went ahead. But Akbar understood that everyone makes mistakes. The king freed Birbal. The essence is that before punishing someone one should thoroughly investigate whether he is guilty or innocent.

Lion of Wax: Story of Akbar-Birbal
Mom Ka Sher: Akbar-Birbal Story

It is a matter of years ago when kings used to send each other some riddles along with messages. One such king’s messenger reached the court of Emperor Akbar of the Mughal Empire one day in the winter season. He took with him a caged lion as a puzzle. The king also sent a message along with the riddle. It was written in the message whether there is any intelligent person in the Mughal state who can take out the lion without touching the cage and the lion. Now the Mughal emperor Akbar started thinking that how can the lion be taken out without touching the lion and the cage. It was also clearly written in the message sent with the puzzle that a person would get only one chance to get the lion out of the cage.

Akbar got very upset. They felt that it was very difficult and if they could not get the lion out of the cage, then there would be a lot of defamation of the Mughal state. While thinking all this, he looked at everyone present in the court and asked, ‘Is there anyone who can solve this riddle’, but everyone was engrossed in the thought that how could this be possible. When asked by Akbar

When no one replied, he remembered his vizier Birbal, who was not present in the meeting. He immediately sent the doorman and ordered Birbal to appear in the court, but alas Birbal had gone out of the state for some official work.

Throughout the night, Akbar remained engrossed in the thought of how to solve the puzzle. The court was held again the next day, but Akbar was saddened to see Birbal’s chair empty. The emperor once again asked the courtiers, ‘Does anyone have any idea to get this lion out of the cage.’ Meanwhile, a courtier came in front of Akbar and tried to get the lion out of the cage, but he failed. . The second porter summoned a magician to solve the riddle, but he also failed.

While trying, evening came, only then Birbal reached the court. Seeing Akbar upset, Birbal asked, ‘What’s the matter, Emperor, why are you so upset?’ The emperor immediately told Birbal everything about the riddle related to the lion. Akbar asked Birbal, ‘Can you get this lion out of the cage?’ Birbal said, ‘Yes, I can try.’ Akbar was overjoyed, as there was no other person as intelligent and clever as Birbal in the Mughal Empire. Nobody was there.

To get the lion out of the cage, Birbal told Akbar that he needed two red-hot iron rods and bars. The emperor immediately asked to arrange it. As soon as Birbal got the iron rod, he reached inside the cage without touching the rod and put it on the fake lion. The lion started melting as soon as it came in touch with the hot iron rod, because it was a lion of wax. In no time, the whole lion came out of the cage in the form of wax.

Akbar was very pleased with this wisdom of Birbal. He asked Birbal, ‘Hey! After all, how did you come to know that this is a wax lion imprisoned inside the cage.’ Birbal very politely replied, ‘Hazur, just needed to see the lion carefully. After knowing about the puzzle, when I looked at it carefully, I felt that it could be a wax lion. Also, the king did not even tell how to get the lion out, so I melted it and got it out.

Here, Birbal started cheering in the court. On the other hand, the ambassador who reached Akbar’s court with the puzzle returned to his kingdom and told the king about this feat of Birbal. It is said that from that day onwards the king stopped sending such puzzles.

Moral: Everything is possible with wisdom. Everywhere, not force, but intelligence should be used. Every problem can be solved with the mind.


This is Huzoor’s lamp: Akbar-Birbal story
Yeh Hazur Ka Diya Hai : Akbar-Birbal Story

Winters were ending and the heat of the sun’s rays was increasing. The atmosphere seemed very pleasant. In such a situation, Birbal and Akbar went out on their respective horses to see the sights of nature.

Seeing the beauty of all around, it came out of the king’s mouth – “Bhai Ask Pedar Shumast (Shuma Hast)”.

These words had two meanings; The first meaning in Persian was “this horse belongs to your father” and the second meaning was “this horse is your father”.

Birbal immediately understood what the king wanted to say. He said, “Dad-e-Huzoorst”

It means “this is the gift of the master”.

After listening to Birbal’s reply, the king had nothing left to say. Birbal gave a tit-for-tat answer.


Rakhpat and Rakhpat: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Raakhpat Aur Rakhaapat: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once, sitting in the Delhi court, Emperor Akbar asked his Navratnas, “Brother, tell me which is the biggest city.” The first Navratna said ‘Sonipat’. The second Navratna, “Huzoor, Panipat is the biggest Pat. The third Navratna laughed out loud, “No sir, there is no other Pat bigger than Dalpat.

The fourth Navratna chanted his melody “The biggest city is Dillipat i.e. the city of Delhi. Birbal was sitting quietly listening to everything. Akbar said to Birbal, you also say something. Birbal said, “The biggest one is ‘Rakhpat’ and the second biggest one is ‘Rakhapat’.” Akbar asked, “Birbal, we have heard all the addresses of Sonipat, Panipat, Dalpat and Delhipat. But Rakhpat, Rakhpat is the name of which city.

Birbal said, “Huzoor Rakhpat means I will keep you and Rakhpat means you keep my words. What is the meaning of a letter which does not have this harmony and love. If there is love then there is auspiciousness even in the jungle and if there is no love then the city is also a door to hell.

Akbar was very happy to hear Birbal’s words and awarded him with many rewards.


How many crows are there in the kingdom: Akbar-Birbal story
Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Akbar was walking in the garden of his palace with his mother Birbal. Akbar started thinking after seeing the crows flying in the gardens and asked Birbal, “Why Birbal, how many crows will there be in our kingdom”?

Birbal did some calculations on his fingers for some time and said,” Sir, there are 95,463 crows in our kingdom.”

“How can you say with such confidence?”

Sir, “You count yourself”, said Birbal.

Akbar was anticipating some similar answer.

He asked, “Birbal, if it is less than this”?

“So it means some crows have gone to visit their relatives in other states”

“And what if there are more?”

“So it means sir that some crows have come to our kingdom to visit their relatives”, replied Birbal with a smile.

Once again, Akbar was silent and kept smiling.


Separating Sugar from Sand: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Ret Se Cheeni Alag Karna: Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Emperor Akbar, Birbal and all the ministers were sitting in the court.

Were stuck The proceedings of the meeting were going on. One by one the people of the state were coming to the court with their problems. Meanwhile, a person reached the court there. He had a jar in his hand. Everyone was looking at that jar, then Akbar asked that person – ‘What is in this jar?’

He said, ‘Maharaj, there is a mixture of sugar and sand in it.’ Akbar again asked ‘Why?’ Now the courtier said – ‘Pardon the mistake, Maharaj, but I have heard many stories of Birbal’s intelligence. I want to test them. I want Birbal to separate each grain of sugar from this sand without using water.’ Now everyone started looking at Birbal with surprise.

Now Akbar looked at Birbal and said, ‘Look Birbal, now how will you show your intelligence in front of this person.’ Birbal smiled and said, ‘Maharaj will be done, this is the work of my left hand.’ Now everyone was wondering what Birbal would do to separate the sugar from the sand. Then Birbal got up and took that jar towards the garden present in the palace. There was also that person behind them.

Now Birbal reached under a mango tree in the garden. Now he started spreading the mixture of sand and sugar present in the jar around a mango tree. That’s why the person asked, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Birbal said, ‘You will know this tomorrow.’ After this both came back to the palace. Now everyone was waiting for tomorrow morning. The next morning when the court was held, Akbar and all the ministers reached the garden together. Along with him was Birbal and the person who brought the mixture of sand and sugar. Everyone reached near the mango tree.

Everyone saw that now there is only sand lying there. Actually, the ants had taken out the sugar present in the sand and collected it in their bill and some ants were taking the remaining sugar to their bill. On this the person asked, ‘Where has the sugar gone?’ Birbal said, ‘The sugar has separated from the sand.’ Everyone started laughing loudly. Seeing this cleverness of Birbal, Akbar said to that person, ‘If you want sugar now, you will have to enter the ant’s hole.’ Everyone laughed again and started praising Birbal.

Lesson: Trying to put someone down can be harmful to you.


Counting Waves: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Lehrein Ginana : Akbar-Birbal Story

One day a person came to the court of Emperor Akbar with an application seeking a job. After talking to him for some time, the emperor made him the octroi officer.

Birbal, who was sitting nearby, was watching all this. After that man left, he said – “This man seems to be more clever than necessary. Will not live without dishonesty.

After a short time, the complaints of that man started coming to Emperor Akbar that he harasses the people a lot and takes bribe. Emperor Akbar thought of transferring that man to a place where he would not get any chance of dishonesty. He appointed him as the scribe of the stable. His job was to lift the horseshoes.

Munshiji started taking bribe there also. Munshiji started telling the servants that you feed less grain to the horses, so I have been sent to weigh the lead. If your lead is less in weight, then I will complain to Emperor Akbar. In this way Munshiji started charging one rupee for each horse.

When Emperor Akbar came to know about this, he gave Munshiji the task of counting the waves of Yamuna. There was no chance of bribery and dishonesty.

But Munshiji made the horses of his intellect run there too. They started stopping the boats that stop the boat, we are counting the waves. Hence the boats had to stay for two-three days. The poor boatmen were fed up. He started giving ten rupees to Munshiji.

When Emperor Akbar came to know about this, he ordered in writing, “Don’t stop the boats, let them go?”

That scribe made a little correction in that writing and hanged it, “Stop the boats, don’t let them go” and started recovering.

Ultimately the emperor had to expel that scribe from public service.


All will flow: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Sab Beh Jayenge: Akbar-Birbal Story

Emperor Akbar and Birbal had gone hunting. Some soldiers and servants were also with them. While returning from hunting, while passing through a village, Emperor Akbar was curious to know about that village. When he told Birbal about this, he replied – “Sir, I do not know anything about this village, but I will tell you after asking a resident of this village.”

Birbal called a man and asked – “Why brother, is everything fine in this village, isn’t it?”

That man recognized the king and said – “How can there be any shortcoming in your rule sir.”

“What is your name?” the king asked.


“Your father’s name?”


“And mother’s name is Saraswati?”

“Huzoor, Narmada.”

Hearing this, Birbal quipped and said – “Huzoor immediately retreat. Proceed only if you have a boat, otherwise there is a danger of drowning in this village of rivers.

Emperor Akbar could not live without laughing after hearing this.


The biggest weapon: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Akbar-Birbal Story

Sometimes such things used to happen between Akbar and Birbal, whose life was in danger of being tested. Once Akbar asked Birbal – “Birbal, which is the biggest weapon in the world?” King is safe! The greatest weapon in the world is confidence.” Birbal replied.

Akbar, after listening to this statement of Birbal, kept it in his heart and decided to test it at some point of time. By chance one day an elephant went mad. In such a situation, the elephant

It was kept tied in figs.

To test Birbal’s confidence, Akbar sent Birbal there and ordered the elephant’s mahout to unchain the elephant as soon as he saw Birbal coming.

Birbal did not know about this. When he was going towards his court to meet Emperor Akbar, the mad elephant had been released. Birbal was going on in his own fun that he saw a mad elephant, who was coming towards him with a screech.

Birbal was quick-witted, extremely intelligent, shrewd and self-confident. They understood that Emperor Akbar had freed the mad elephant only to test his confidence and intelligence.

The running elephant was moving fast towards Birbal carrying the trunk. Birbal was standing at such a place that he could not escape even by running here and there. Exactly at the same moment, Birbal saw a dog. The elephant had come quite close. So close that he would wrap Birbal in his trunk. Then Birbal quickly caught both the hind legs of the dog and swung it with all his might and threw it at the elephant. When the dog, screaming badly, collided with the elephant, hearing its terrible screams, the elephant also got scared and ran away.

Akbar got the news of Birbal and he had to believe that whatever Birbal had said was true. Confidence is the biggest weapon.


Biggest Thing: Akbar-Birbal Story
Most Badi Cheej: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Birbal was not present in the court. In such a situation, all the councilors who were jealous of Birbal were filling Akbar’s ears against Birbal. Often this happened, whenever Birbal was not present in the court, only then the courtiers got a chance. Today was also such an opportunity.

Instigated by the king’s brother-in-law Mulla Do Pyaza, some councilors said – “Jahampnah! You really overestimate Birbal, love him more than we do. You have put them in a very high position. While the work that they do, we can also do it. But you don’t even give us a chance.”

The king did not like Birbal’s evil, so he tested all four of them – “Look, Birbal is not here today and I want an answer to one of my questions.” If you people do not answer my question correctly, then I will get all four of you hanged. All four of them got scared after listening to the king.

One of them dared to say – “Tell me the question, is Badshah safe?” “What is the greatest thing in the world? And answer after thinking carefully, otherwise I have said that you people will be hanged. Emperor Akbar said- “Awkward answers will never work. The answer should be one and absolutely correct. Is the king safe? Let us be given a few days’ time.” He said after consulting.

“Okay, I’ll give you a week’s time.” The king said.

All the four courtiers left and came out of the court and started thinking that what could be the biggest thing?

A courtier said – “In my opinion there is no one greater than Allah.”

“Allah is not a thing. Think of another answer.” The second one spoke.

“Hunger is the biggest thing that makes a man do anything.” The third one said.

“No…no, even hunger can be tolerated.”

“Then what’s the biggest thing?” Six days passed but he could not think of any answer. Defeated, all four reached Birbal and told him the whole incident, along with folded hands requested him to tell the answer to the question.

Birbal smiled and said – “I will answer your question, but I have a condition.” “We accept your thousand conditions.” All four said in one voice – “Just tell us the answer to this question and get our lives spared.” Tell me what is your condition? “Two of you will carry my cot on your shoulders to the court. One will catch my hookah, one will carry my shoes. Birbal told his condition and said.

All four of them fell silent on hearing this. He felt as if Birbal had slapped him hard on the cheek. But they didn’t say anything. If there was no fear of death, he would have given a befitting reply to Birbal, but at this time he was helpless, so he immediately agreed.

Two carried Birbal’s cot on their shoulders, the third carried his hookah and the fourth carried his shoes. On the way people were looking at him with surprise. The king also saw this scene in the court and so did the courtiers present. No one could understand anything. Then Birbal said, “Your Majesty, the greatest thing in the world is thunder. They have brought this palanquin here due to their needs. The king was left smiling. All four of them bowed their heads and stood aside.


Hara Ghoda: Story of Akbar-Birbal
Hara Ghoda: Akbar-Birbal Story

One day Emperor Akbar went for a walk in the royal garden sitting on a horse. Birbal was also accompanying him. Akbar was very happy to see the green trees and green grass all around. They felt that even the horse should be of green color to ride in the garden.

He said to Birbal, “Birbal I want a green horse. You bring me a green horse in seven days. If you can’t get a green horse, don’t show us your face. There is no green horse at all. Both Akbar and Birbal knew this. But Akbar had to take the exam of Birbal.

In fact, by asking such awkward questions, he wanted Birbal to accept his defeat and say that I lost in Jahanpanah, but Birbal was also the same as himself. He used to give correct answers to every question of Birbal that Emperor Akbar had to suffer.

Birbal wandered here and there for seven days on the pretext of searching for green leaves. On the eighth day, he appeared in the court and said to the king, “Jahampanah! I have got a green horse.” The king was surprised. He said, “Water

Tell me, where is the green horse? Birbar said, “Jahampanah! You will find the horse, I have searched it with great difficulty, but its owner has put two conditions.

The king said, “What are the conditions?”

“The first condition is that you must go yourself to get the horse.

“This is a very easy condition. What is the second condition?

“The horse is of a special colour, so the day of bringing it will also be special. His owner says to come and take him any day except seven days a week.

Akbar kept looking at Birbal’s face.

Birbal laughed and said, “Jahampanah! If you want to bring a green horse, then its conditions will have to be accepted.

Akbar laughed out loud. He was pleased with Birbal’s cleverness. Understood that it is not easy to fool Birbal.


One man three qualities: the story of Akbar-Birbal
Aadami Ek Khoobiyan Teen : Akbar-Birbal Story

Once Akbar and Birbal were sitting in the garden. Suddenly Akbar asked Birbal that can you find someone who has the ability to speak different dialects?

Birbal said, why not, I know a man who speaks the language of a parrot, speaks the language of a lion, and also speaks the language of a donkey. Akbar was surprised to hear this. He asked Birbal to present the man the next day.

Birbal took the man to the court the next morning. And gave him a small bottle of yellow wine. Now in a state of mild intoxication, drunken Akbar was standing in front of the emperor. He knew that knowing that he had come drunk, the king would punish him. That’s why he started pleading. And started pleasing the king. Then Birbal said that Huzoor, what he is speaking out of fear of punishment is the language of a parrot.

After that, Birbal gave another bottle of wine to the man right there. Now the man was completely drunk. He stood with his chest stretched out in front of Emperor Akbar. He said that you are the king of the city so what happened. I am also the king of my house. I am not afraid of anyone here.

Birbal said that Huzoor, now he is speaking fearlessly in the intoxication of alcohol, this is the language of a lion.

Now again Birbal took the man’s mouth and removed another bottle from his throat. This time the man staggered and fell down on the ground and while waving his hands and feet in the air, he started making hoarse sounds. Now Birbal said that what he is speaking now is the language of a donkey.

Akbar was once again pleased with Birbal’s witty reply, and rewarded Birbal for setting this amusing example.


Camel’s Neck: The Story of Akbar-Birbal
Oont’s Garden: Akbar-Birbal Story

Akbar was highly impressed with Birbal’s wittiness. One day, being happy in the court, he announced some rewards to Birbal. But even after passing many days, Birbal did not receive the award. Birbal was very confused as to how to remind Maharaj?

One day Maharaja Akbar went out for an evening walk on the banks of the Yamuna river. Birbal was with them. Akbar saw a camel roaming there. Akbar asked Birbal, “Tell Birbal, why is the camel’s neck bent”?

Birbal thought this was the right time to remind Maharaj of his promise. He replied – “Maharaj, this camel has forgotten to make a promise to someone, due to which the camel’s neck is bent. Maharaj, it is said that whoever forgets his promise, God bends his neck like a camel. This is a Kind of a punishment.”

Only then does Akbar realize that he has also forgotten his promise to Birbal. He asked Birbal to walk to the palace quickly. And as soon as he reached the palace, he first handed over the prize money to Birbal and said, Birbal, my neck will not bend like a camel. And after saying this, Akbar could not stop laughing.

And thus Birbal by his cleverness received his reward from the king without asking for it.

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